buy Blow Me Wind Turbine T-Shirt

Blow Me Wind Turbine T-Shirt

Blow Me Wind Turbine T-Shirt

Are you environmentally conscious and want to show your support for alternative energy sources?  It’s wind energy at its finest!

This men’s t-shirt features a large white wind turbine and the phrase “Blow Me” in a simple yet humorous way.

The t-shirt is made from 6oz, pre-shrunk 100% cotton.  It is also casual and loose fitting which makes it great for any type of weather.  The sleeves and bottom hem has been double stitch to ensure durability.  The full range of sizes are available and many colors including lavender and Texas orange.

Make your friends and strangers a like laugh and think about the environment with this Blow Me Wind Turbine T-Shirt.

Windpower Flower T-Shirt

Windpower flower t-shirt

Green energy sources are the way of the future.

And this t-shirt shows that we need to plant some more wind turbines that can bring us this wind power flower.

This t-shirt witch comes in different styles and colors for men and women can promote the environment and help us get cheaper energy.

Support the cause for cleaner energy by wearing this Wind Power Flower T-Shirt.