buy The Big Bang Minion Theory T-Shirt

The Big Bang Minion Theory T-Shirt

The Big Bang Minion Theory T-Shirt

What do you get if you cross the characters from the classic television show The Big Bang Theory and those pesky little yellow minions from the Despicable Me series of movies?

Well whatever it is it’s awesome!!!

This is a t-shirt that has the cast these little Despicable Me minions dressed up as the cast of The Big Bang Theory, find Howard, Raj, Sheldon, Leonard and Penny all in minion form along with the saying  “The Big Minion Theory”.

Made from 100% cotton and available in a sizes range of Small to 2XL this print is also available in a wide variety of different types of shirts like hoodies and women’s fit.

Have a little fun and get this The Big Bang Minion Theory T-Shirt.

I’m Wearing My Bus Pants

The Big Bang Theory i'm wearing my bus pants t-shirt

Remember that Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon Cooper has to take the bus because his friends can’t drive him?

This t-shirt is based on that.

This t-shirt says “I’m wearing my bus pants” and even has a picture of a bus on it.
Because just like Sheldon you can never know what is on those seats in the bus.

So wear you bus pants and this t-shirt so that everybody around you knows.

Bus time so order your own The Big Bang Theory I’m Wearing My Bus Pants. 

I Love Coitus Maternity T-Shirt

I love coitus maternity T-shirt for the real Big Bang Theory fans.

The Big Bang Theory watchers know what this is all about.

And if you need this maternity shirt and you know what Sheldon Cooper is thinking right now.

But still it seems like a fact that the pregnant lady who wear this shirt love Coitus.

Go order this I Love Coitus Maternity T-Shirt for all the pregnant women out there.