buy Suspender and Bow Tie T-Shirt

Suspender and Bow Tie T-Shirt

Suspenders and Bowtie T-Shirt

Your pants or skirt may not be falling down, but who can resist the look of suspenders and a bow tie?  Class up any outfit in a fun way.

This white scoop neck t-shirt has graphics on both the front and the back.  The front shows the black suspenders that follows from the bottom over the shoulders and down the back in a crisscross fashion. The front also has a simple red bow tie made of two triangles.

This shirt comes in a slim fit, one size fits most.

Instead of buying 3 separate pieces, get the Suspender and Bow Tie T-Shirt.

buy Suspenders T-Shirt

Suspenders T-Shirt

women's Suspenders T-Shirt

Belts are boring and suspenders are cool but now you can have a t-shirt with fake suspenders on it.

This white women’s t-shirt just has some suspenders printed on it and yes of course they continue on the back of the t-shirt.

You can get this suspenders t-shirt in size XXSmall – XLarge.

Just have the shirt hang loose and the suspenders seem to hang loose to but if you tuck this t-shirt in then it looks like you really have those suspenders tight.

All kind of fun options with this fun shirt.

Women of the world come check out this Suspenders T-Shirt.