I Love Sunshine

Kids t-shirt saying i Love sunshine

A great t-shirt for summer that is what you see here.

This purple t-shirt has crayon like letters saying ” I Love Sunshine” but the love is replaces by a nice yellow sun.

And this kids t-shirt is made from cotton and comes is sizes 6x to 6.

This for sure will be the funnest item in your kids closest and did i tell you about the ruffled neck 🙂

Go have a closer look at this I Love Sunshine T-Shirt.

buy Summer Beach Holiday T-Shirt

Summer Beach Holiday T-Shirt

Sun, Boats and fish that is why you find at my summer holiday

Summer is the beach with lots of sun and boats floating on the water and if you are lucky you even see some fish. All ingredients for a fun colorful t-shirt.

This t-shirt shows it all a Sun and a blue fish and a nice sailboat.

A great shirt for adults but great for the kids to.

Go check all the versions of this Summer Holiday T-Shirt.