buy Funny Face Back To School T-Shirt

Funny Face Back To School T-Shirt

If you need to go back to school and are not too happy about it then this t-shirt maybe for you and make you feel a bit better while wearing it.

The t-shirt is available in many colors and in styles and sizes for men, women, and kids so that means that any person going back to school can wear one.

On the t-shirt, you can see in a emoji style face with two funny eyes and its tongue is hanging out of the mouth because I think it is tired from the summer holiday. Below the funny face, it says “Back To School” to make it perfect for going back to school and start counting the days for the next holiday.

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buy Kindergarten Cutie T-Shirt

Kindergarten Cutie T-Shirt

If you are looking for a cute t-shirt for a little child that will going to kindergarten.

On the t-shirt, it says “Kindergarten Cutie” in a worn look and that just looks amazing.

And the t-shirt is available in sizes 4 – 12 so that many kids can enjoy being the cute child in kindergarten and it even comes in different colors so that it is perfect for any child as long as they are cute and all kids so make sure you child get this amazing looking t-shirt.

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buy 1st Day Of School T-Shirt

1st Day Of School T-Shirt

1st Day Of School T-Shirt

How to bug someone that really dreads having to go back to school?

Give them this t-shirt that says “1st day of school” on it.

The t-shirt comes in a bunch of colors so that you can pick the one you like and on it is shows a hot air balloon and on the ballon it says “1st day of school”.

This school t-shirt is a unisex fit and is made from 100% cotton and comes in sizes Small – 4XL so that many people can enjoy going back to school one more year (or more).

Come and have a closer look at all the options of this 1st Day Of School T-Shirt.

buy Don’t Do School T-Shirt

Don’t Do School T-Shirt

Dont Do School T-Shirt

Say what? People will do a double take when they see you wearing this shirt. You will probably even get a guffaw or two.

This t-shirt is a play on words in black, capital letters, “Don’t do School”, “Eat your Drugs” and “Stay in Vegetables”. It’s a bit mixed up to say the least, but funny don’t you think?

It is extra durable with the double stitched hems and the bottom of the t-shirt and should not shrink as it already has been pre-shrunk. It is also available in a full size range from S to 4XL.

Make this your first and only Don’t Do School T-Shirt.

buy Old School T-Shirt

Old School T-Shirt

Old School T-Shirt

Do you like the old stuff?

How about buildings?

This funny t-shirt is old school and yes that means that it has a picture of a really old school on it and below the building it shows the text “Old School”.

More old school is barely possible and that makes it so funny.

This t-shirt comes in a men and women’s cut and comes in old school sizes Small – 3XL (women’s only up to XL).

A 100% cotton t-shirt like this will make people smile as now the school is put back in the context it belongs.

Lets wear a shirt with old stuff and start with this Old School T-Shirt.

buy Yale Just Kidding T-Shirt

Yale Just Kidding T-Shirt

Yale Just Kidding T-Shirt

Are you the brains in the family?

If you are then maybe you went to Yale and got the t-shirt to prove it. If you are like me then you didn’t go to Yale and would like to prove that with this t-shirt.

On this t-shirt you can see in big letters the word “YALE” just like on the “real” t-shirt but below that is says “just kidding” and that is more my style.

This funny Yale t-shirt comes in a men and women’s version in a wide selection of sizes and colors and you know they even have a hoodie of it.

Show the world how smart you are by wearing this Yale Just Kidding T-Shirt.