buy Oktoberfest Beer Maiden Dirndl Print T-Shirt

Oktoberfest Beer Maiden Dirndl Print T-Shirt

Oktoberfest is a great time of year to throw on this beer Maiden Dirndl print t-shirt.

On the front of this t-shirt you will see a print of the classic dirndl outfit which is commonly associated with a beer maiden during Oktoberfest. Find a green halter top with a white blouse and red synch ties as well as a printed on necklace.

This is a women’s fitted t-shirt that is available in a wide selection of sizes that will range from Small to 2XL. Made from 100% cotton this is the perfect t-shirt for any occasion like an Oktoberfest party, Halloween or dress up party.

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buy Oktoberfest T-Shirt

Oktoberfest T-Shirt

Oktoberfest T-Shirt

You don’t need an excuse to drink but if you have one why not.

This t-shirt will remind you and your friends about the German Oktoberfest where beer is served and enjoyed by many many people.

This t-shirt shows a worn looking picture that says “Oktoberfest” and does it in 3 colors black, red and yellow just like the German flag and just incase you wonder why october is spelled with a K don’t worry that is how they do it in Germany.

And this Oktoberfest t-shirt comes in different styles, colors and sizes for men and women.

Get ready to party in your Vintage Oktoberfest T-Shirt.