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Heart Hands

Such a simple way to show off your heart, by using your hands.

This is a t-shirt that features a heart made from hands and awsome designs in the background, you may know that this is also a thing that the very poular music star Taylor Swift does all the time.

Made from 100% cotton this t-shirt will be very durable and still super comfortable, look for the Heart Hands t-shirt in different colors and sizes also choose from a variety of shirt styles.

Get your Heart Hands

Only Child / Big Brother

only child big brother t-shirt

Is you only child getting a brother or sister?

If so then this could be a fun t-shirt for them.

On this t-shirt you see the words “Only Child” but they are crossed out and then below that you see “big brother” written.

A great fun way for you son to show the world that he got a brother or sister now so he is the big brother.

You can get this shirt in all the kids sizes and in different colors to.

Make you son a big brother with this Only Child / Big Brother T-Shirt.

Brick Contruction

I like Lego, even now I am a big boy I still like to play with the blocks once in a while.

And now I found the coolest T-Shirt one that you can Lego on. YES you read it right you can Lego on the shirt. It has a baseplate build in so that you can connect Lego, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks and K’NEX Bricks to it.

So now you can just carry around you favorite build on you shirt or you can make something specially for you shirt.

This shirt is so cool and an ideal gift for people like me, if they just had grown up versions 🙁 .

Get your kids this  Brick Construction T-Shirt.

I Love Sunshine

Kids t-shirt saying i Love sunshine

A great t-shirt for summer that is what you see here.

This purple t-shirt has crayon like letters saying ” I Love Sunshine” but the love is replaces by a nice yellow sun.

And this kids t-shirt is made from cotton and comes is sizes 6x to 6.

This for sure will be the funnest item in your kids closest and did i tell you about the ruffled neck 🙂

Go have a closer look at this I Love Sunshine T-Shirt.