buy Nerdy Carrot T-Shirt

Nerdy Carrot T-Shirt

If you like carrots and nerd then this is the t-shirt for you as it shows a nerdy carrot.

The t-shirt just shows a nice orange carrot with a piece of green on its head and some tiny eyes and one tooth in its mouth and to make it even nerdier they gave it big black rimmed glasses that are taped together.

Yes, it is funny and people will notice it when you wear this t-shirt.

You can get this carrot t-shirt in men and women’s styles in sizes Small – 6XL and it comes in many fun colors for you to choose from.

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buy I Periodically Wear This T-Shirt

I Periodically Wear This T-Shirt

The Periodic Table of Elements is no laughing matter, but if you think about all of the different funny sayings, and word play with the elements maybe there is some humor in it.

On the front of this navy blue t-shirt you see the colorful Periodic Table of Elements in full detail along with the saying underneath it of “I Wear This Shirt Periodically…”.

Made from 100% cotton to give you a durable and comfortable t-shirt it is available in a wide variety of adult unisex sizes that will range from Small to 6XL and you get to choose from 17 different fun and vibrant colors.

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buy Nerd? I Prefer Badass T-Shirt

Nerd? I Prefer Badass T-Shirt

Nerd? I Prefer The Term Badass T-Shirt

So people say you are a nerd and you know you kinda are but in a cool way.

You need this t-shirt and luckily for you it is available for men, women and kids in many styles and colors but all have one thing in common and that is the text.

On this t-shirt it says “Nerd? i prefer the term Badass” and both nerd and badass are in red and the rest of the text is black.

You have to admit that it is funny and with a shirt like this you can make every nerd look cool again.

So don’t wait just come get your Nerd? I Prefer The Term Badass T-Shirt.

buy I Went Outside Once Video Game Addict T-Shirt

I Went Outside Once Video Game Addict T-Shirt

Are you the kind of person that prefers sitting behind a screen playing games all day?

If so then this t-shirt is probably perfect for you.

On this shirt you can see in bad graphics a house, tree, sun, human and a dog and below that picture it says “I went outside once the graphics are not that good”.

And this geeky t-shirt comes in all kind of colors and sizes in men, women’s and kids style.

Beside being perfect for you this t-shirt is also great as a gift for your geeky friends. And you don’t even have to leave the house because you can order this t-shirt online.

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buy Geek Power T-Shirt

Geek Power T-Shirt

USB Geek Power T-Shirt

We geeks of course carry around USB flash drives because you never know when you need your data or when you need to take someone data.

On this t-shirt you can see a fist and below the hand it says “Geek Power” but if you look closer to the hand then you can see that the fingertip is missing of one finger. And yes that was replaced with a USB connector.

Does this mean that the finger has a flash drive build in? or maybe that’s how you can make a memory dump of you whole body.

Either way this geeky t-shirt is red and comes in a men and women’s version in a wide selection of sizes.

Lets show the world how it’s done with this Geek Power T-Shirt.

buy Ah! The Element of Surprise

Ah! The Element of Surprise

Ah The Element of Surprise

Surprise someone with your t-shirt. How you may ask?

Easy check out this t-shirt with the element Ah!, ok maybe it is not a real element but I think it is now.

Ah! is the element of surprise and that is what you will find on this t-shirt, Ah! looking like it is an element from the periodic table and the saying ” The Element Of Surprise! “.

This t-shirt will be durable and comfortable as it is made from 100% cotton, available in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

Get your Ah! The Element of Surprise T-Shirt.

buy USB Thumb Drive I Pull Out

USB Thumb Drive I Pull Out

I think everyone can agree that the USB drive has very good features …… it is small and portable, and stores important files, but most importantly it can pull out.

If you need a laugh check out this t-shirt it has an image of a USB flash drive with the funny and classic text saying underneath it that says ” i pull out “.

You will find this t-shirt in sizes Small to 3XLarge and many colors to choose from, made from 100% cotton gives you a great feel and a long lasting t-shirt.

Have a laugh with the USB Flash Drive I Pull Out T-Shirt.

buy i Phone You Tube T-Shirt

i Phone You Tube T-Shirt

i Phone you tube t-shirt

Before You Tube and the iPhone where a thing that everyone used there where things called tubes and real phones that you had on your desk with a wire on them.

And these things would talk to each other and introduce each other like this “I phone, you tube”.

Of course that is what you see on this geeky but funny t-shirt.

So if you are a tech geek then you should have a look at this i Phone You Tube T-Shirt.

My Geek Dog Does My Homework

My Geek Dog does my homework t-shirt

This t-shirt is funny 🙂

It says “My geek dog does my homework” and above the text you see a dog doing homework complete with glasses and a stack of books.

This fun t-shirt comes in different sizes and styles to fit anyone in your family from kids to adults and both male and female.

So if you dog does your hard work for school then you should get one of these My Geek Dog Does My Homework T-Shirt.