buy Tonka Dump Truck T-Shirt

Tonka Dump Truck T-Shirt

Tonka Dump Truck T-Shirt

Tonka makes such great toys for little tykes to play with. Why not let your little one wear their favorite toy on their t-shirt.

This t-shirt is covered by a large colorful graphic of a Tonka dump truck. It is yellow with large wheels and is full of dirt ready to dump at the next work site. It also features the word “Tonka” above the dump truck. It is an official Tonka image.

The t-shirt comes in toddler sizes to fit all of those close to your heart. The sizes are 2T, 3T and 4T.

Now let’s get back to work at the job site with the Tonka Dump Truck T-Shirt.

buy Dump Truck Kids T-Shirt

Dump Truck Kids T-Shirt

Is you kid crazy about big trucks?

How about dump trucks as this fun kids t-shirt shows a big dump truck on it.

And this t-shirt offers more as it will have your kids name incorporated in the design to make it personal to your little one.

The t-shirt shows a fun design with a blue sky with little white clouds and of course a road with the big truck on it. And you know what this t-shirt even has the design on the back of the kids t-shirt.

This truck shirt comes in kids sizes 12 months to a US 12.

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