buy Minion Alarm T-Shirt

Minion Alarm T-Shirt

Despicable Me 2 Minion Alarm T-Shirt

This t-shirt will get your attention as it has a alarming Minion on it.

This Despicable Me character is wearing lights around his head and has a megaphone that he uses to make “Bee-Doo” emergency response sounds.

You can get this fun Minion t-shirt in a bunch of colors and in styles for men and women and there is even a hoodie available with this print.

If you like these fun little yellow characters as much as I do then you have to see this Despicable Me Minion Alarm T-Shirt.

buy Despicable Me Minion I Didn’t Do It T-Shirt

Despicable Me Minion I Didn’t Do It T-Shirt

Despicable Me Kids Minion t-shirt
Are your kids as crazy about Minions and the Despicable Me movies as I am?

If so then check out this fun Minion t-shirt.

This green Despicable Me t-shirt shows two Minions running away with a guilty look on their faces and above that it says “Whatever it is…., I didn’t do it!” and yeah right 🙂

This fun kids t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and comes in sizes 6 to 12 and that makes me sad as I would have love one in an adult size.

Come and have a closer look at this Despicable Me Whatever It Is I Didn’t Do It T-Shirt.