buy Guac N Roll Guacamole

Guac N Roll Guacamole

Guac N Roll

If you are going to enter your guacamole into a Guac-off then make sure everybody knows you mean business and that you ready to Guac N Roll!!!!!

This is a really fun and cool t-shirt that features the saying ” Guac N Roll ” on the front with a rocking avocado as the ” O ” in ” Roll “, take a close look the avocado is holding one arm up with fingers in the Rock N Roll position.

You can find this Guac N Roll women’s t-shirt in a wide variety of sizes and styles, it is a loose fitting t-shirt that also has a vintage worn-in feel giving you the look of a guacamole professional.

Throw on your Sombrero and wear this Guac N Roll Guacamole Women’s T-Shirt.