buy Miniature Mr. T Figurine T-Shirt

Miniature Mr. T Figurine T-Shirt

Miniature Mr. T Figurine T-Shirt

If you have seen the 80’s in all their glory, then you will love this t-shirt. We all loved watching Sergeant Bosco “B.A” Baracus on The A-Team and Rocky III and most of all Mr. T as he “Pity the fools”.

This t-shirt is so simple. It is a graphic of a miniature LEGO like figurine of Mr. T. See I told you it was simple. It has his typical Mandinka warrior haircut, gold chains and his sweet overalls.

You are going to be so excited about this t-shirt, firstly it comes in 6 great colors like red and dark chocolate. It ranges in sizes Small all the way to 6XL, so you can give this as a present to everyone you know. It is also made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, now that’s a great t-shirt.

Don’t be a fool that people pity, get your Miniature Mr. T Figurine T-Shirt.

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