buy Where’s Bigfoot T-Shirt

Where’s Bigfoot T-Shirt

Where's Bigfoot T-Shirt

We all know those fun books where Waldo (or Wally) is hiding and you have to find him but he always wears his red and white striped shirt and hat so to make it a little bit easier.

And now there maybe a way to find bigfoot as we just found out he is dressed just like Waldo.

On this t-shirt you can see bigfoot in his red and white striped shirt and hat and below the picture it says “Where’s Bigfoot?” just like the Waldo books.

This cotton t-shirt comes in some fun colors and in men’s sizes Small – 2Xl and it has a v-neck to make it extra cool.

Help us search for bigfoot and lets start by wearing this Where’s Bigfoot T-Shirt.

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