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Burning Toast T-Shirt

Show people that you missed breakfast by wearing this Burning Toast T-Shirt.

On this t-shirt you can see a toaster and two slices of bread trying to crawl out of it and they are already burned black and even smoking.

So when you wear this t-shirt people may offer you a sandwich as it is clear that you are running out of bread after burning it.

You can get this funny t-shirt in styles for men and women and it comes in sizes Small – 6XL.

So be prepared for your next breakfast by wearing this t-shirt so that the bread will know what you are going to do to them.

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Happy Toast T-Shirt

What is your favorite bread? I think it is toast and this t-shirt shows a real happy piece of toast.

Do you know what makes toast happy? butter and that is why the toast on this t-shirt look so happy with its wide open eyes and a big smile and the shine of the freshly melted butter that was put on the warm toast when it just popped out of the toaster.

You can get this happy toast t-shirt in men and women’s style and in many colors and in sizes Small – 6XL.

So if you are a size small now then just get all the sizes because eating all that happy toast may make you go up a couple sizes over time.

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Super Toast T-Shirt

If you like really like toast then you should check out this super toast t-shirt as it shows toast at it’s best.

On the t-shirt you can see a plain white toaster and above it you can see a freshly toasted slice of bread with a big face on it and it even has arms and legs.

And if you just look at the face of that toast then you know how happy this super bread really is.

This funny toast t-shirt is available in styles for men, women and kids in a wide range of sizes and many fun colors.

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