buy Come To The Math Side We Got Pi T-Shirt

Come To The Math Side We Got Pi T-Shirt

If you like math and especially pi and even Star Wars then this is the t-shirt for you to celebrate pi day.

On the t-shirt it says “Come To The Math Side We Got Pi” and that has, of course, a link to Star Wars as they say “come to the Dark Side”.

You can get this fun pi t-shirt in styles for both men and women and it is available in many cool colors too.

Show the world that pi is what it is all about and going to the math side will bring you closer to it.

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buy Want Some Pi T-Shirt

Want Some Pi T-Shirt

Want Some Pi T-Shirt

Are you a math teacher? Are you studying to be a mathematician? Maybe you just know someone in this field that needs this t-shirt. Either way, there are at least 3.14 reasons to buy this t-shirt.

The graphic of this t-shirt is so simple. It features the greek letter for pi made up of a long string of the decimal representation of the number. Simple and perfect!

This t-shirt will make your day, it has many different colors to choose from like lime green, red or purple. It is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, so you know it will fit through out it lifetime, even past 3.14 washes. There are also many different sizes ranging from Small to 6XL, which will make all your friends, family and that favorite math teacher happy.

You are going to want the Want Some Pi T-Shirt.

buy I Ate Sum Pi

I Ate Sum Pi

Mmmmmmm! Pie, everyone loves pie.

A very clever t-shirt that is not only mathematically correct but very funny. Find some neat math symbols that have alternate meanings when you put them in a sentance.

The math symbol sentance when you read it comes out as “I Ate Sum Pi”, underneath the symbols you will find “….and it was delicious!” the perfect thing to say after eating pie.

The fun I Ate Sum Pi t-shirt can be found in many styles, sizes and colors, 100% cotton makes this t-shirt durable and comfortable.

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