buy Walking Milk Carton T-Shirt

Walking Milk Carton T-Shirt

If you like milk then wearing this milk t-shirt makes you feel that you never will run out again.

On this t-shirt, you can see a carton of milk and it looks like a creature as it has arms and legs and even a face. So now milk can just follow you around where ever you go. On the milk carton it says “Milk” but also “pasteurized” and that makes it safe for you to drink.

You can get this funny milk carton t-shirt in men and women’s styles in a wide selection of colors and in sizes Small – 3XL.

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buy Made For Each Other Cookies and Milk T-Shirt

Made For Each Other Cookies and Milk T-Shirt

Yes this is true … no matter what age you are I think we can all agree that cookies and milk are made for each other, and Mmmmmmmm.

This is a wonderful t-shirt that features a picture that has a milk carton thinking about a sweet yummy cookie and the saying underneath ” Made For “.

Made from 100% cotton this will be one comfortable t-shirt and very durable lasting you a long time, also the cookies and milk t-shirt is available in a huge variety of sizes and colors.

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buy Milk And Cookies BFF

Milk And Cookies BFF

The original Best Friends Forever ….. Milk and Cookies !!!

This is a very fun t-shirt that uses our new world of texting short form with the good old fashion things we love.

Find an image with a glass of milk that has a smiley face and a cookie that has a smiley face with little arms and legs aswell as the text “bff” which stands for “best friend forever”.

Made from 100% cotton this will be a really comfortable shirt and a durable shirt, available in a very variety of colors and check out the many different styles as well.

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