buy Stickman Kayaking

Stickman Kayaking

For the Kayaking fanatic, this is simple, peaceful and cool.

A t-shirt that features awsome line art to make up a stickman in a kayak paddling out on the water, make this your favorite shirt to wear and show off your love for kayaking.

A very comfortable and durable t-shirt made from pre-shrunk 100% cotton and can be found in many different sizes and colors.

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buy Bowling Superhero

Bowling Superhero

Just when you think you do not have a Superpower, you realize that you are one awesome bowler.

This is a t-shirt to commemorate the bowler who is so good that it just may be there very own superpower.

Featuring a sillhouette of bowler in a superhero stance, one foot on the ball and a cape draping down the back with his hands on his hips. Aswell as the saying “I BOWL WHAT’S YOUR SUPERPOWER?” on the front.

This bowling superhero t-shirt is a ringer style T, with different color trim around the sleeves and neck giving it a retro look. You can also find this t-shirt in many different styles, colors and sizes, so find what fits and suites you.

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buy iDad No App For That

iDad No App For That

In this world of accelerating technology and use of Apps for everything i think that this shirt has a true statement.

This t-shirt features the large saying “iDad” on the front and just bellow it “no app for that”, this is a very clever t-shirt that makes me smile every time i read it.

Made from pre-shrunk  100% cotton, this iDad t-shirt is very comfortable and will be very durable aswell. Comes in many sizes and colors to choose from.

Make this a perfect fathers day gift or a great gift for the dad anytime.

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buy One Night Stand

One Night Stand

Yes this t-shirt can have a double meaning 🙂

It shows a night stand and below that the text “one night stand”.

Of course this is completely correct but most people think of something different as you talk about one night stand’s.
And of course that makes it funny.

If you like a nice t-shirt with a bedside table on it then this is the shirt to get.

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buy Stick figure Anatomy Chart

Stick figure Anatomy Chart

OK, so you have studied for years and you know the entire anatomy of the human body, but do you know the anatomy of the stick figure?

Well this will help out, A t-shirt that features the anatomy chart of a stick figure, you will notice it looks just like an official anatomy chart pointing out the key components that make up a stick figure like the stick and the circle, and the text bove saying “Anatomy Chart”.

With a soft and comfortable feel this t-shirt can be found in many sizes and colors.

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buy Perception


Do you need a shirt that draws attention with a complex idea, but such a simple image that really just draws awareness of the environment around you.

This is a great t-shirt that defines Perception, a silhouette of an orange elephant standing beside a stunning tree with many different bold and fine lines of branches.

Made from 100% cotton and very durable yet soft and comfortable. Find this perception t-shirt in many sizes and colors as well.

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buy I Run On Bacon

I Run On Bacon

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon! If your like me you just want everything to be Bacon and you can not function with out a dose of bacon.

This is the perfect t-shirt for the bacon lover, features a nice greasy piece of bacon and the text “i run on bacon” on the front of this t-shirt.

Made from 100% cotton a comfortable and durable t-shirt that can be found in many sizes.

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