Wi-Fi Detector T-Shirt

Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

In this day and age we always need to know if there is wi-fi in our current location, so now you can show everybody and help them out on a Wi-Fi location and the strength of the signal.

Check out this really cool wi-fi detector t-shirt, it displays the current wi-fi signal strength for 802.11b or 802.11g and will run for hours off three AAA Batteries. I would say this is definetly a must have for geeks.

Made from 100% cotton this wi-fi t-shirt has a sewn in battery pack holder on the inside and for easy washing the animated decal is removeable.

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Blue Screen Of Death T-Shirt

Blue Screen Of Death T-Shirt

The worst thing imaginable on this planet earth….The most severe of errors……. The Blue Screen Of Death.

This t-shirt features “I Am The Blue Screen Of Death_” printed on the front of this blue t-shirt. This is a perfect geeky t-shirt to wear out for any occasion and  may just be a hit when you wear it.

You can find this Blue Screen Of Death t-shirt in sizes Small to 3XL and in colors blue and green, made from durable pre-shrunk 100% cotton.

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Trust Me I Know Computers

Trust me i know computers t-shirt

OK first things first YES this shirt is available for nerdy boys as well.

This t-shirt is great for boys and girls who want the world to know that they know about those things called computers.

What it says on this t-shirt is “Trust Me I Know Computers” and if you want to find a nice nerd to hook up with then this could be the shirt that makes him / her look.

Go get your Trust Me I Know Computers T-Shirt.