Chocolate Scented Babydoll

Chocolate scented babydoll t-shirt

What is that printed on this t-shirt?

It’s the chocolate molecule but who cares really.
The main thing about this amazing shirt is that it smells like chocolate.

Not only a pleasure to wear because of the nice scent but also great to attract all kind of people who like chocolate just like you.

This babydoll shirt comes in a range of women’s sizes and will hold it nice smell for about 10 washes and after that you sill have a fun t-shirt with the chocolate molecule on it.

But what you want is chocolate so come and order your Chocolate Scented T-Shirt.

I Smell Chocolate

Easter Bunny I Smell Chocolate t-shirt

Easter is the time of Chocolate and the Easter bunny know that to.

And as you can see on this t-shirt he is already following the smell.

This fun t-shirt shows an hopping bunny and below that the text “mmm. . I Smell Chocolate”

You need to get ready for Easter to so order a shirt like this for all the members of your family kids and adults will love this Easter bunny t-shirt.

Come and follow the bunny to theĀ Easter Bunny I Smell Chocolate t-shirt.