buy Life Is A Pizza Cake T-Shirt

Life Is A Pizza Cake T-Shirt

Life Is A Pizza Cake

Two of the yummiest foods combine for one interesting t-shirt. Pizza for dinner and cake for dessert, instead, how about a pizza cake?

This t-shirt has a simple design. It has a picture of what looks like a cake, but the icing on top of the cake looks like a pizza.Voila! Pizza cake!  it also has written in red and yellow the words, “life is a pizza cake”.

The size run of this t-shirt includes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large and is listed in men’s sizes.

It may be a bit strange, but everyone will enjoy your Life Is A Pizza Cake T-Shirt.

buy Peace Of Cake T-Shirt

Peace Of Cake T-Shirt

piece of cake t-shirt

Cake and peace are two amazing things and combined it all becomes a peace of cake.

Yes again a fun play on words. and on this t-shirt witch comes in all kind of fun colors you can see a yummy piece of cake and the cake is holding a peace sign.

Maybe world peace all starts with a nice piece of cake.

This women’s cake t-shirt comes in sizes Small – XLarge and as said before in many fun colors like pink, green, blue and more.

Get ready for come cake and peace while wearing this fun Peace Of Cake T-Shirt.

Cake Portal

Live life to the max with Cake

A fun t-shirt for everyday.

This blue shirt shows two boxes next to each other. The first one shows you jumping out of a plane with your parachute and the words “You live for the thrill” and the other box shows me falling through a portal on my way to some yummy cake and the words “I live for the CAKE”.

And this nice t-shirt is made of 100% cotton and comes in sizes S – XXXL so you size should be there and if not then maybe you should stay away from all the cake 😉

Go check out this Cake Portal T-Shirt.