buy Barbie Color A T-Shirt

Barbie Color A T-Shirt

Barbie Color A T-Shirt

What would be even better then having a normal Barbie t-shirt?

A Barbie t-shirt that you color yourself.

This t-shirt set includes 1 t-shirt for kids size 4 -7 made from 100% cotton and of course the art and 6 color crayons.

You can choose to color and wash and start over or you can color and iron it to make it stay.

And it even has some glitter crayons for even more fun.

This will make a fun gift for a Barbie loving kid so come and check out this Barbie Color A T-Shirt.

buy Barbie Shoe Fetish

Barbie Shoe Fetish

Barbie Shoe Fetish T-Shirt

Do you love shoes, all colors any type?

This is a really fun and stylish t-shirt that features many many high heeled shoes in all different colors perfectly in a uniform pattern with the written text ” Barbie ” all on a soft pink shirt.

The style shown here is a girly fit style which is fitted to hug the bodies curves you can also get this Barbie pattern on hoodies, men’s t-shirts and many more styles.

Made from 100% cotton to be durable and soft, available in 21 different colors and sizes Small to 2XLarge.

Fill your shoe fetish void with the Barbie Shoe Fetish T-Shirt.