buy Ski Like A Girl Keep Up T-Shirt

Ski Like A Girl Keep Up T-Shirt

Ski Like A Girl Keep Up T-Shirt

If you are a girl and you can ski your butt off, then tell everyone to try and keep up with this t-shirt. It will turn some heads out on the hill.

The graphic simply states, “I know I ski like a girl” then there is a picture of a girl with a long pony tail swooshing down the hill. Underneath it says, “Try to keep up”! Classic for those ladies who ski or those who want to make an impression. It is a good look all around.

This skiing t-shirt is made from 100% cotton in a slim fit. It has over 10 different colors to make it your own and fit in your wardrobe. It ranges in unisex sizes from Small to 3XL and you can have the graphic on the front or the back. Maybe the back works best so people can see it when you fly by them!

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