buy Happy Food Smells T-Shirt

Happy Food Smells T-Shirt

Happy Food Smells T-Shirt

Mom’s home cooked meals, drinks and appetizers with friends and other great food smells that trigger memories. Why not remember these smells with this t-shirt with happy smells.

On the front of the t-shirt is a pint of your favorite beer, mom’s hot apple pie, a mountain of fluffy mashed potatoes with a splash of gravy with little people showing their love for the goodies. Above is all you get a happy cloud of smells.

Pick from many colors and different styles of t-shirts and instantly it is your one of a kind pick. There is also a full size run for this unisex t-shirt, so you can buy it for the guy or gal in your life.

Hurray for the Happy Food Smells T-Shirt.

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