buy Borderlands Claptrap Costume T-Shirt

Borderlands Claptrap Costume T-Shirt

Boarderlands Claptrap Costume T-Shirt

Whether you are into video games or not, this one of a kind t-shirt will spark the interest of anyone that walks by. It will start a conversation at any time of the day, because it will be seen.

This Borderlands Costume t-shirt is sure to brighten up even the darkest days because it is the brightest yellow like the sun. On the front is a colorful graphic of the CL4P-TP robot, that actually kind of looks like a blender. But don’t let him fool you, he is an interplanetary ninja assassin.

This t-shirt comes in sizes ranging from Medium to 2XL and is a 100% cotton, which means it is durable for everyone who dares to step into this t-shirt.

Get in control today with the Borderlands Claptrap Costume T-Shirt.

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