Junk Food

Garbage burger made in to fast food on this t-shirt

Here you have it a nice juicy burger, heaven for the fast food lover or not?

I guess if you look closer you see that it isn’t fast food. It is Junk Food for some the same but not this time because this time the burger is made out of garbage.

This t-shirt really looks nice and the burger looks pretty real till you pay attention and see the little crane next to it adding some “toppings”

Have a better look at this funny Junk Food T-Shirt.

Kiss Me It’s My Birthday!

Kiss Me it's my birthday! t-shirt a must have if you need attention

So your friend has a birthday. Hmm how can we make them feel awkward?

How about this shirt that says “Kiss Me It’s My Birthday!” this must be the best gift.

But if you like to be kissed in bars on your birthday (or you pretend birthday) then get one yourself and yes they come in guys version to.

Go get your Kiss Me It’s My Birthday T-Shirt.